Welcome to the world of S.K. Hammond Art

 "It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done." -Vincent Van Gogh


I paint intuitively and quietly, only sensing and paying attention to the flow of the paint and where it chooses to travel.

I nervously watch the paint blend and help it to move with an unpredictability of its own. Not knowing the outcome of what I am creating is the most satisfying part of the process.  The tools that are used to create a painting include watercolours, acrylics, wooden boards, canvas, paper, brushes, pallet knives, a variety of pencils and charcoal, and even dried sticks from my garden. 

 I start with a mental composition, colour choices in either highly pigmented watercolours or acrylics and let the flow of paint and emotions really determine where the painting is going to go.

I have a passion for black and white. I am influenced by the world around us; space, oceans, stars and planets, rocks, minerals, trees, and everything that has always been in existence below and above this wonderful universe.

I paint with feelings and a kind heart, not what is visible to me but an abstraction of what I see.


Sukhvir (Sue) Hammond is a watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media artist living in Norfolk County since 2020. Originally from London, ON, Sue started her art practice in St. Paul, Minnesota where she was a member of the St. Paul Lowertown Underground Artists cooperative.


736 Norfolk Street North
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada N3Y 3R5
 Contact:  651-274-3088, suekhammond@gmail.com  
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